Bend of shallow analyse centre of gravity turns type is full automatic pouring the machine application in the product line that take off box

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One, cast pouring the current situation of the process and development trend are current, what home casts an industry is pouring the process is used mostly artificial and pouring with mechanization pouring machine, in casting production to answer pouring the situation that specialized worker shortage, labour cost rises, more and more enterprises are used automatic and pouring machine undertake pouring exercise, develop the productivity of model product line with utmost ground, acquire the cast product of high quality, avoid the waste of iron fluid, assure pouring the security of the process, save manpower and material resources. 2, automatic and pouring the classification of machine and development current situation are current, what home casts a factory to use is pouring engine is main have 3 kinds big, namely the bottom notes type of type, baric heat preservation and bend to turn type, these 3 kinds pouring machine is applicable the situation is different, each have advantages and disadvantages. 1, the bottom notes pattern pouring machine advantage: ① is pouring metre is fast, manufacturing efficiency is tall. ② iron juice is purer, can reduce the generation of blemish of aperture of cast slag inclusion, broken bits. ③ can be in pouring iron fluid complements in the process. Main drawback: Lever of ① a place of strategic importance and irrigate the mouth to change frequent, use cost is high. ② appears when product line when breakdown, pouring the iron fluid inside machine cannot conveniently melt down processing, can gather device into incomplete night only, reclaim it is more difficult to use. ③ is pouring in the process, discharge of constant of implementation iron fluid and variable control are more difficult. The bottom notes pattern pouring machine apply to modelling productivity to be more than 300 model / the line of the perpendicular model that do not have box of H or only pouring the line of model having case of casting pig. 2, type of baric heat preservation is pouring machine advantage: Temperature of ① iron fluid is stable and constant, accurately control is pouring temperature. ② is pouring product quality is stable. ③ can cancel holding furnace, will produce heat of craft instead fusion - heat preservation is pouring the craft of furnace double couplet, reduce moving cost. Main drawback: ? Majestic emperor inspects people rancorring " of Jian of Yun of cliff of shallow D of  of  of joke of  of associate of N of  of Bo of Qu of Tuo of  of  of wholesale of  of  of  of You of tall of  of Tao of  of  of  of accept of  of  of  of You   censures な of male Gao of rank ⒙  goes straight towards Su ぃ tiger Si: ① can control iron fluid velocity of flow at any time, use extensive. Phenomenon of fluid of ② nonexistent leakage. ③ ladle is repaired convenient. ④ use cost is low. Switch of brand of ⑤ iron fluid is convenient. Main drawback: Cannot be in pouring iron fluid complements in the process. Bend turns type is pouring machine apply to modelling productivity 200 box / H controls product line, more the product line that applies to casting pig, nodular cast iron to mix production. Current, home casts equipment manufacturer clutching development use up all one's resources turns type is full automatic pouring machine, bend turns type is pouring machine by drive means cent is: Circle ladle mouth center drive and circle drive of ladle centre of gravity two kinds big. Circle drive of ladle mouth center model pouring machine, control a little simple, equipment volume is large, cost is high. Circle drive of ladle centre of gravity model pouring machine, control is complex, equipment volume is minor, sexual price is compared tall. What take off box model line to achieve a level is automatic and pouring, my company research and development bend of new generation centre of gravity turns type is automatic and pouring machine, those who be used at cast to manufacture solution of the metal in the process is pouring, its use motion of PLC+ of high-powered sequence control to control the control fashion of PLC, each actuator use servo drive, have answer speed fast, move to wait for a characteristic smoothly reliably. 3, bend of centre of gravity turns type is full automatic pouring the working principle of machine (1) form by orgnaization of compose of a favourable turn of transverse orgnaization, fore-and-aft orgnaization, bend, elevator compose, be pregnant with, call heavy system composition (see a picture 1) . Transverse orgnaization assures ladle mouth and runner cup to be aimed in or so direction, fore-and-aft, bend turns, litre fall alignment of the direction after 3 axes linkage makes sure ladle mouth and runner cup are advanced, the infuse that makes sure iron fluid is OK and accurate thereby arrives in runner cup. Graph drive of 1 centre of gravity is pouring machine (2) working flow is pouring machine complement is over after iron fluid, press " start automatically " pushbutton, pouring machine is automatic identify and move to the first box but pouring sand mold, those who press set is pouring craft parameter undertakes pouring, after the weight that achieves set, the end is current and pouring, identify automatically next and move to below one box but pouring sand mold undertakes pouring, till odd iron fluid can't pouring when one box, return the position of set, await compensatory iron fluid. In building molded lines to push see sb off to take a course, pouring machine is OK implementation is synchronous and pouring function. 4, bend of centre of gravity turns type is full automatic pouring the characteristic of machine (1) use bend to turn type is pouring means is used agile and extensive, phenomenon of nonexistent leakage fluid, can control iron fluid velocity of flow at any time, bale repair convenient, use cost is inferior, switch of iron fluid brand is convenient. Apply to productivity to be less than 200 model / H, casting pig, nodular cast iron mixes model line of production. (2) use servo drive and bend of control technology ladle to turn use communication servo, drive ladle centre of gravity, drive torque is reduced, reduced electromotor power, control is quick. Transverse shift uses communication servo control, complete exercise by gear gear and light course, do not appear skid wait for a phenomenon, location is exact. Fore-and-aft shift uses communication servo control, complete exercise by gear rack and linear slideway, move reliable, smooth, agile. Litre fall shift uses promotion of ball guide screw, linear slideway is oriented. When ladle dump, spiral lifting device can realize height to adjust, in order to get used to height of different sand mold. (3) circle runner shaft of bend of ladle of drive of ladle centre of gravity to install in centre of gravity place, when ladle needs bend to turn, need to overcome bend to turn only attrition force, needs bend torque is the smallest. The malpractice of means of this kinds of drive is: Ladle mouth did not turn with bend central coincide, when ladle bend turns, ladle mouth is rising fall direction drops continuously, the distance that is apart from runner cup is closer and closer on perpendicular direction, at the same time ladle mouth is in fore-and-aft also be in with the position of runner cup produce change, be in consequently pouring in the process, need passes elevator compose and fore-and-aft orgnaization and compose of ladle bend a favourable turn to coordinate motion, implementation ladle mouth is opposite the position at runner cup is changeless. To achieve a goal, bend turns, litre fall, fore-and-aft orgnaization introduces servo drive, build model and advanced control algorithm through maths, control bend turns, litre fall, fore-and-aft linkage of 3 servo electromotor, realize ladle to turn according to bend of fictitious runner shaft thereby fictitious the mouth that circle a bag is pouring, the fast, velocity of flow that high accuracy adjusts iron fluid mixes automatic real time irrigate a dot, make sure stability is pouring. (4) say heavy mensurable function says to weigh a system by say heavy construction deserves to say in order to import high accuracy to weigh sensor reasonably, measure accurately what realize iron fluid weight, right pouring velocity of flow undertakes controlling, use algorithm to gain the status of current flow through saying to weigh the feedback of sensor, the measurement that rose to say to weigh a system precision and pouring precision, have metage accurate, answer speed to wait for an advantage quickly. (5) intelligent identifying is pouring the function is full automatic the product information of modelling machine is transmitted automatically pouring machine, pouring after machine complement molten iron ends, need to press only start pushbutton automatically, pouring sandbox condition runs machine basis automatically to be apart from product line far end to list recent not pouring and good sand mold, aim runner automatically, the craft parameter that sets according to this product undertakes automatic and pouring, pouring after finishing, move automatically to below one box but pouring sand mold undertakes pouring, skip case of bad molding sand automatically, pouring the process lasts to odd iron fluid all the time can't pouring one box sand mold. Pouring when the if identify,did not set craft parameter product in the process, pouring machine quit the job and call the police. (6) template parameter is inputted beforehand before the function is pouring, need to produce place the parameter input of the product. Product parameter includes: Template date, pouring the position, pouring setting of weight setting, agent of be pregnant with, pouring speed. Pouring in the process, if wait for pouring when product parameter is changed pouring of machine pouring parameter is changed automatically, convenient use. (7) synchronous and pouring functional synchronism is pouring the process is to point to, be in pouring in the process, when model line is mobile, pouring confidential follows model line moves, make sure ladle mouth and runner cup are in the relative position of transverse direction is changeless, when making sure model line is mobile thereby, iron fluid is OK also infuse arrives inside runner cup. The method of synchronous implementation is, use rotate coder collects model line to turn crock signal, feedback gives PLC, after PLC is handled through operation, control is pouring machine is transverse the traversal speed of the orgnaization and the traversal speed appearance that make molded lines match, achieve synchronous and pouring goal thereby, improve productivity. (8) along with the affiliation that sheds agent of be pregnant with of function of be pregnant with the capacity is controlled through miniature helix feeder, come by servo electromotor drive, realize stepless adjustment to give makings amount, realize the flow control of be pregnant with of high accuracy. Achieve along with the purpose that sheds be pregnant with. This device is set makings detect, makings can hint when inadequacy feed in raw material. (9) use ladle of kettle ladle kettle to have the good performance that cast aside broken bits, to make sure effect of ladle heat preservation is best, optimized structure of system of bucket of bucket form ladle, deserve in order to ensure area of liquid metal table is the smallest to have packet of lid, can reduce loss of quantity of heat effectively, reduce Wen Jiang. 5, HAP is automatic and pouring the applied example of machine: Bend of centre of gravity turns type is pouring machine used Ⅲ of AMF- of Yu Mou company 2015 of line of the 06 model that take off box automatic and pouring (see a picture 2) , model line designs productivity 120 model / H, main production is caliper body, bracket, poor the cast such as fast carapace, 15~40kg of weight of fluid of every box iron. User report use effect is at present very good, reduced labor intensity of the worker greatly, increased the stability of the product. Graph drive of focus of 2 some companies is pouring brief introduction of machine site author: Zhang Guohui, Yu Yonghui, send constant (Tianjin) industrial limited company, basically be engaged in pouring the electric design of the equipment such as the machine, line having case, line that take off box and debug the job. Zhang Rongxiu, jinan casts limited company of institute of forging press instrument. CNC Milling