Phenanthrene surpasses drilling machine of general 1101DX numerical control

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The numerical control drilling machine with a distinctive function that drilling machine of 1101DZ of drilling machine of 1101DX numerical control numerical control is development of company of phenanthrene contest general, apply to a variety of pair of profiled bar to undertake machining. This model numerical control drilling machine has the function that searchs makings head automatically. Workpiece can be put on work or material rest to assume meaning position, auger cut unit meeting to search makings head automatically to begin to machine. Already can by left machine right, also can machine by right towards the left. Can place many workpiece to have successive treatment at the same time when workpiece length is lesser, it is the facilities of treatment of profiled bar of odd main shaft with higher efficiency. Its machine means to be different from drilling machine of conventional numerical control. This model the treatment means that numerical control drilling machine uses main shaft shift, workpiece to secure. It is in order to machine profiled bar of 12 meters long H exemple, the work shift that uses a convention, main shaft needs to configure corresponding length when fixed treatment means into, give makings way; And 12 meters long stuff needs to only when using 1101DX drilling machine to process this work can, the cover an area ofing that big political integrity restricted a machine tool space, relatively nervous to producing field company this equipment is to go up of beautiful anthology. Main technique parameter: Auger cut head amount: 1 auger cut main shaft amount: Power of electric machinery of 1 main shaft: 5.

Rotate speed of electric machinery of 5kW main shaft: 80-1000RPM workpiece ply: 5-30mm is the biggest bore diameter: Number of axle of 40mm numerical control measures: 2 profile are phyletic: H profiled bar, channel, Fang Gang, angle iron CNC Milling