Use different cutting tool and method to optimize 5 axes treatment

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Use 5 axes treatment to be able to provide a lot of benefit from a few respects. Through analysing equipment, craft and outfit clip, especially cutting cutting tool and cutting action, can from which and be benefited. Besides through complete ability of 5 axes treatment achieves certain trait outside, also can simplify optionally the treatment technology that uses 5 rods. Include to use among them 3 add 2 axes, or use 3 rods only sometimes, be versed in to all sorts of rough machining, semifinishing machining and Xiu Xi especially foreword. Although some of spare parts feature has hyperbola outline, and meet move along 5 axes at the same time, but those who use correct cutting tool to keep proper again is constant quantity of penetration of a cutting tool, go out with respect to can efficient treatment almost any curvature. The main benefit clearly that uses 5 axes treatment is can obtain efficiently complex three-dimensional (double-faced) spare parts feature, not only precision is tall, and exterior quality is admirable. Need to install clip and least cutting working procedure only commonly, cutting time shortens greatly, cutting tool is dangerous extend maintain from beginning to end as far as possible short. In addition, also often can raise metallic purify rate, and cutting tool collides the risk can accuse. To 5 axes treatment, linkage treatment and 3 add 2 axes to machine and character, cutting cutting tool and craft choice are the crucial factor that achieves successful result. With 3 add 2 axes to machine photograph comparing, the craft option when linkage is machined is more important, because former challenge sex is inferior, can regard as look upon of 3 axes working procedure. Treatment of 5 axes CNC is based on   of 101108) of number of graph 1(picture to the machine tool moves on 5 axes and build the capacity of appearance of 3D spare parts. And, what treatment of true 5 axes linkage points to is besides can locate along runner shaft coming back outside cutting tool, the cutting tool when cutting is returned can down these axial feed. Its are to make as a result necessarily the machine tool installs clip to be able to form complex spare parts form. Remove 3 basic rods (X, Y and Z) besides, still include two add axles (B and C, perhaps be A and C sometimes, specific depend on the machine tool is configured) , there is Z when cutting axis and circling Y axis (or X and Y) rotate. Secure with some angle when machine tool main shaft or workbench, when and be below 3 axes mode undertaking machining, it is namely 3 add 2 axes treatment. From the point of the angle of the machine tool, a variety of methods can win 5 axes treatment: 5 axes machining center, tilt to workbench is decorated or pass accessory of main shaft head. 081744) of number of picture of graph 2 (uses CoroMill Plura (King Kong mill) integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter impeller of treatment of 5 axes linkage rotates cutting tool generation is in spare parts apparently grain is main consideration factor. For this, cut horn and cutting tool banking angle to spend come true through CAD-CAM program, and should be in give consideration. Not only the tool cutting edge angle of cutting blade, and size of the role after quantity of cutting tool penetration of a cutting tool is mixed can produce an effect, so that avoid a back to cut a phenomenon, cut horn to be able to contact bit of office according to the cutting tool on line of cutting tool center and feed direction perpendicular the included angle between the vertical line of workpiece surface is measured. Below a lot of circumstances, this value can keep constant, and the commendation that uses cutting tool with place is worth conform to, but if CAM allows, also can give through process designing change. Use cut corner fixedly, cutting tool can be on whole feed direction tilt in order to book angle at spare parts surface relatively. Should cut horn to be based on apparently the smallest inside the effective diameter of radius and cutting tool. The dip of cutting tool is based on perpendicular the plane at feed direction, because this preps according to,cut corner, can be in according to line of cutting tool center and cut perpendicular measure at exterior vertical line. Each cut corner constantly on the dot to generating curved surface is mixed sunken the spare parts surface that enter crucial, although nod,the likelihood shortens cutting tool life, but it is the safe way that wins sunken surface and hyperboloid however. Cutting tool in its place of round horn radius and workpiece maintain a contact from beginning to end (the positional basis that contacts a dot is specific curved surface changes along radius of cutting tool round horn) , through going continuously the knife can make 3 dimension appearance. Use establish milling cutter to undertake mill applies to rough machining, semifinishing machining and finish machining working procedure nodding. Mill of Nextpage   side is more efficient, compare with the photograph that nod mill, its cutting time is shorter, but in some way more accept restriction. It most agree with semifinishing machining and finish machining working procedure, but only odd curved surface of bureau be confined to and protruding surface. Just as its name implies, side mill basically uses the flank of cutting tool to undertake cutting namely, and cutting tool radius (if contain) generate radius of part round part only. Because use bigger cutting tool / the spare parts contacts an area, to power, torque, stability, platoon bits and machine serviceability all have higher demand. The cutting tool choice when 5 axes are machined depends on partly the specific milling means of place application (dot mill or side mill) . Cutting tool of side mill demand is had enough long radial cutting knife, for example integral hard alloy establishs milling cutter to may change head milling cutter. These milling cutter can feel straight model or conic form, have all sorts of round horn radius. A variety of technologies can use at side mill: Cycloidal mill, section mill or profile modeling milling. Cone-shaped ball head stands milling cutter and ball head to establish milling cutter photograph to compare, stability is taller, latter requirement cooperates radius lesserly. Cycloidal milling (technology of 3 axes rough machining) when, cutting tool undertakes cutting with the cutting tool method of successive helix, in suffer be restricted in the space from radial feed, have very high material purify rate. Every time the cutting tool when cutting moves outwards ceaselessly, form groove or outline then. Because radial is cut deep lesser, because this can use bigger cutting deepness and the cutting force with relatively lesser generation. Section (3 axes half rough machining / finish machining technology) treatment of as round as the spare parts horn is similar, need the machine tool with good tigidity of high speed trends normally. In addition, the meeting when cutting is cut with small radial deep undertake for many times taking a knife, can apply bigger axial to cut to large round part so deep. Profile modeling milling can be to use technology of lateral 2D cutting only, perhaps form the 3D cutting craft of underside for cutting tool radius. The machine tool that profile modeling milling also asks tigidity of high speed trends is good and extremely tall stability. To dot mill existence a lot of cutting tool choose, specific depend on spare parts feature and exterior quality requirement. Generally speaking, to bigger open curved surface, first selection is milling cutter of round razor blade or ball head milling cutter. To model antrum, having big cutting tool to hang milling cutter of extended cone-shaped ball head often is optimal choice, it is among them when accessibility of need cutting tool, modular place of cutting tool system offers shrink diameter extension bar can ensure the biggest stability. The cutting tool application that   of 042559) of number of picture of 4(of graph of 091529) of number of graph 3(picture suits rough machining and machine tool ability and spare parts surface ask to concern, diameter of bigger effective cutting tool can add man-hour application in 3 axes probably. When semifinishing machining, cutting tool method is politic should finish machining of follow the lead of is politic, machine in 5 axes normally (use 3 rods sometimes) when achieve optimal treatment result the can most efficiently. Its target should be to be the mental allowance with even put apart of finish machining working procedure. To finish machining, cutting tool chooses to depend on the exterior quality of a need and precision level, pass the cutting tool that uses different type among them (specific mix with spare parts feature bright and clean degree about) , can to linkage 5 axes treatment undertakes optimizing. Milling cutter of round razor blade is used more generally, head milling cutter applies to the ball to ask in figuration and accessibility respect more slashing cutting, close for example hollowness. A series of different milling cutting tool agree with linkage and working procedure of 3 axes treatment, specific depend on rough machining and the degree that finish machining intervenes. For example, the milling cutter of round razor blade of big diameter suits more shallow big surface, it is used relative to bigger radial penetration of a cutting tool. Make appliance has radius of large round part or obtuse circle bit cutting tool or when establishing milling cutter to undertake milling, best application cuts horn and dip appropriately, achieve highest function and treatment result in order to ensure. The small bit effect that can cause tall feed ability is the productivity factor that need considers. Cutting tool of head of ball of   of 091273) of number of picture of 6(of graph of 090210) of number of picture of Nextpage graph 5 (special agree with 5 axes nod mill, but accessibility and axial freedom shift are restricted (3 add 2 axes) , suffer feature of spare parts of be confined to or clamping apparatus for example. These cutting tool establish milling cutter to may change head milling cutter for integral hard alloy commonly, handling time is short, have below tall cutting speed extremely efficient. Of course, they also suit random very much 3 add 2 axes to machine working procedure. The exterior quality when 5 axes are machined is step pitch problem on certain level, concern with cutting tool diameter. A main factor is in specific applying, because it is met,affect handling time and exterior quality. Compare with the photograph of ball head cutting tool that is used at milling of groovy profile modeling, use milling cutter of round razor blade to be able to be shown shorten cutting time. To milling cutter of round razor blade character, the relation between step pitch and diameter most greatly 1 than 2, when step pitch is bigger, although can shorten handling time, but can leave taller exterior surface roughness. At this point and theory, ball head cutting tool won't provide same manufacturing efficiency, and machine a condition poorer also. Cutting tool general is formed according to every tine feed and cutting width have the face that has high point certainly, and cutting deepness can affect cutting force, ask to cutting tool stability very tall. Should obtain flowing and even exterior quality, should tilt to cutting tool, direction of feed value, cutting and cutting tool clip hold a circumstance to undertake optimizing, in order to make its achieve optimal balance.   of 082227) of number of picture of graph 7 (altogethers, method of every kinds of treatment and cutting tool type have his specific advantage, choose cutting tool correctly and undertake applied optimizing can offerring more treatment possibility to its, and organic meeting reduces the cost of 5 axes treatment. In addition, use outstanding simulation software to also can be shown reduce make mistake opportunity, avoid will precious manufacturing time waste to check new program aspect on the machine tool. CNC Milling